Q: Which club is the Moon Wood 8 designed to replace?

A: I can’t say specifically because set makeup varies from golfer to golfer. Most of our testers got distance similar to a 4-iron or 4-hybrid. (Pretty impressive, considering the Moon Wood has 3° – 4° more loft than those clubs.)

Here’s another way to look at it: If you substitute the Moon Wood for the longest club you regularly use for approaches and tee shots on par 3s, you’ll get a higher launch, longer carry, softer landing and much, much greater consistency than you’ve been settling for.

Q: Does the Moon Wood work off a tee?

A: Like a charm, my friend. The Moon Wood is not just perfect for par 3s, you may also use it to find the fairway on tight par 4s and par 5s. Speaking of par 5s, the Moon Wood is ideal for precision-placed layups.

Q: How does it perform from the rough?

A: Let’s put it this way: The Moon Wood will be your go-to club for escaping the thick stuff.

The shaft length puts you closer to the ball than most hybrids or fairway woods, allowing you to attack with a downward blow. The SuperGlyde Sole slips through rough with ease, never grabbing like an iron. And with the Moon Wood’s ample loft and extra-low COG, you’ll have no trouble getting it up and out of tall grass.

By the way – the above features make the Moon Wood your best option when you’re stuck in a divot.

Q: My hybrid is very versatile – I use it for trouble shots and even the occasional chip. How does the Moon Wood compare?

A: If you like the versatility of a hybrid, you’ll absolutely LOVE the Moon Wood’s capabilities. Not only can it pull off the shots you mentioned, it’s even easier to use than a hybrid because of its shorter length and wider sole.

I have a hunch it’ll become your go-to club for all sorts of situations.

Q: My clubhead speed has gotten slower over the years. Can I really get the Moon Wood airborne with decent carry?

A: You bet – that’s exactly why we built it.

As you may or may not realize, golf’s big equipment makers design most of their clubs for pros. As in, the guys with Mach 1 swing speeds and a magician’s hand-eye coordination.

The Moon Wood, on the other hand, was expressly designed for amateur golfers – folks whose slower swings are, well, less than perfect.

With this in mind, the engineering team knew a shorter shaft would be a key ingredient. The Moon Wood feels so comfortable at address and so controllable during the swing – and delivers such head-turning height and distance – you’ll wonder why more clubs aren’t built this way.

Q: I’ve never seen a club quite like the Moon Wood. How do I know it’s not just a gimmick?

A: Yeah, I understand why you might think that. It looks pretty unusual (and pretty darn cool, if you ask me).

But rest assured, the Moon Wood was crafted by a team of pros. I told you about lead designer Josh Boggs’ impressive credentials, and his cohorts boast some noteworthy credits of their own.

These guys didn’t cut corners on quality, either. Each Moon Wood is manufactured to exacting standards using the highest grade materials.

Q: Is the Moon Wood strictly for higher-handicap golfers?

A: The designers built it with them in mind. But as you’ve seen, our testers included several single-digits – and they flat-out loved it.

Brad Schmidt, a 6.4, didn’t hesitate when asked if he’d put the Moon Wood in his bag. “The first hit sold me,” he said.

Q: Do any tour pros play the Moon Wood?

A: No, and they never will (unless they decide to do so on their own) because we won’t pay them to. The Moon Wood is made for amateurs, after all, and we prefer to keep overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

Q: Does it come with any extras?

A: As a matter of fact, it does. Purchasers will receive access to a series of exclusive videos, featuring yours truly demonstrating the numerous things you can do with the Moon Wood – including greenside chips and fairway bunker shots – and other ways to get the most from your new weapon.

You’ll also receive a super-stylish headcover to keep your Moon Wood in pristine condition.

Q: What if I buy a Moon Wood and it doesn’t perform to my liking?

A: Since you don’t get a chance to hit it before purchasing, we feel it’s only fair to include an iron-clad promise with every Moon Wood. You get a 60-day money back guarantee. Hit the Moon Wood all you want and return it if your approach game doesn’t take a giant leap forward.