Groundbreaking New Club that Delivers 7-Iron Height & Control with Fairway Wood Distance

38” Long With a Loft of 25°

A shorter shaft makes it much easier to square the clubface and find the sweet spot at impact.

Shorter Length = Greater Control

The Moon Wood is shorter than typical fairway woods making it easier to hit and giving you greater consistency and control.

Extreme High Launch

The Moon Wood’s high launch angle helps you get the ball up and in the air easily from almost any lie.

Ultra Low Profile Face Design

The Moon Wood’s super low profile delivers high launch and extra forgiveness.

SuperGlyde Sole

The Moon Wood’s flat sole glides lower on the turf for high launch and control.

White-Hot, Stainless Steel Clubface

The Moon Wood’s stunning design gives you superior confidence at address.


Effortless & consistent, right off the bat

“I was shocked (when first hitting the Moon Wood). It felt so effortless. I never feel confident over my hybrids in the fairway because they are very inconsistent. But with this Moon Wood I seemed to hit that consistent time after time. It was very easy to get used to and use. There was no learning curve. This is gonna be my new favorite club in my bag for sure.”

Danielle Miller [23 handicap]

No maneuvering, just drop and stop

“The biggest advantage I see with the Moon Wood is the fact that you can carry the ball higher, carry it out the distance that I wanted to get with my 4-iron, but now rather than trying to maneuver my way around traps or around hazards and try to control the roll-up distance on it, I can fly directly to my target and ideally just drop and stop. I just absolutely loved it.”

Bob Manougian [14 handicap]

No “scrubbers” with this club

“My biggest miss with my 4-iron is definitely the low shot, the ‘scrubber.’ Even when I hit (the Moon Wood) out of a semi-divot, it still climbed up nicely. The height makes a big difference. The par 3s where you’ve got to carry it on to keep it on… it would definitely be an advantage. The Moon Wood was definitely easier to hit than my hybrid or my 4-iron.”

John Ough [7.4 handicap]

Questions / Order By Phone

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Hit the Moon Wood 8 All You Want, Return It If Your Approach Game Doesn’t Take a Giant Leap Forward